TGA Insurance Brokers


The agricultural industry can face problems that even the most experienced farmer or agricultural executive may have trouble anticipating. 

That is one reason that Thomas Gregory Associates Insurance Brokers does not issue generic, off-the-shelf insurance policies. We work to understand the unique requirements of each food grower, manufacturer, processor, packer, distributor, and importer. We consider ourselves members of our client’s agribusiness team — the same as your lawyer or accountant might be — and our clients consider us to be experienced and proven risk managers and problem solvers. 

TGA Insurance Brokers offers both property and casualty coverage solutions for agricultural businesses. 
Before we issue an insurance policy, we collaborate with our clients to gain insights into specific areas of their business that might experience increased risk, encourage or discourage growth, or impact long-term planning. We realize that the agribusiness environment is complex, and that each decision can affect the outcome of another. TGA Insurance Brokers can help you protect your farm — or facility — from direct damage to property, product, and business income loss, and ensure that you have the proper resources to rebuild, repair, or replace them. 

We can assure you, that TGA Insurance Brokers works to remain current on the constantly evolving agricultural process and continuously strives to gain insights into each of our client’s unique agribusinesses. Because it is an industry that is ever-changing, TGA Insurance Brokers assures policies evolve with both the individual business and the industry. This is our passion.

Whether you have barns of laying hens, cold storage for frozen berries, or controlled atmosphere warehouses of harvested produce, TGA Insurance Brokers will work with you to uncover all nuances that your insurance coverage requires for your specialized agribusiness.

Live Animals

Coverage written to protect your livestock living in a controlled environment is crucial to ensuring the protection of your business. Let TGA Insurance Brokers show you how to properly protect this exposure.

Stored Harvested Product

Your years’ worth of product could be harvested in a matter of weeks. Our coverage will protect losses to the value of the stored inventory, as well as its value in the marketplace.

Egg Producers

From large commodity producers to organic free-range farms, we have the expertise and intricate knowledge of the entire laying process to properly cover the unique exposures of the egg industry.

We will work with you to help predict and plan for what Mother Nature may have in store.

TGA Insurance Brokers delivers decades of agricultural insurance expertise, but is also aware that no one knows your business better than you do. Together, we can generate policies that protect you — and your business — for the now and later.

Please contact us to discuss your current and future needs.