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For airlines, manufacturers, airports, and service providers — aviation insurance has never been more complicated, or important, than it is today. 

Safety and security are the significant factors throughout the entire value chain of operations from the aircraft to baggage screening to passenger food service. TGA Insurance Brokers has extensive experience and knowledge working with the industry — we do not issue off-the-shelf policies, but develop coverage solutions specific to your company.

Contractual Obligations

Airlines are constantly looking to transfer their liabilities onto their suppliers and vendors in their contractual agreements. It is crucial to understand how your insurance contracts correspond to the liability you have assumed under contract. TGA Insurance Brokers understands the nuance of aviation operations and can help you protect you against persistent operational threats.


It is an ugly truth in today’s world, but terrorism liability falls back on the
shoulders of businesses providing services to airlines. TGA Insurance Brokers has the expertise to help you evaluate your business operations and properly cover your exposures.


Airport vehicles consistently interact with aircraft on the byways and jetways of airports, and a small bump can potentially result in significant damage. TGA Insurance Brokers provides the appropriate auto liability protection for your vehicles operating around aircraft and on airport property.

Contact us to see the difference our aviation operational knowledge makes when generating your insurance coverage.

TGA Insurance Brokers delivers decades of aviation operational expertise. We can work with you and your team to generate policies that protect your aviation businesses and products — against both facility and global threats.

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