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Life Sciences

Life Sciences is so much more than a business; it is about changing the world.

While you push the edges of biotech, genetic coding, and pharmaceutical innovation, we can help you reduce exposure and protect your laboratories, equipment, and inventory — as well as your intellectual property.

Life Sciences companies are as varied as the world we live in.
This is one critical reason why Thomas Gregory Associates Insurance Brokers does not issue generic, off-the-shelf insurance policies. Life sciences encompasses many fields from biotechnology to epidemiology to medical device production, and as different as each branch may be, there are some commonalities — and many complexities — that must be considered when creating an insurance policy.

TGA Insurance Brokers works with you, and your team, to understand the unique requirements of each lab, research center, and manufacturing facility.
We consider ourselves to be part of your advisory team — just as your legal and financial advisors are. We collaborate to ensure that we can effectively customize the policy language to account for any potential exposure including property loss or damage, loss of intellectual property, potential cyber-breaches, and even product recalls. We are experienced and proven risk managers with the ability to anticipate potential issues. By working together — and combining our experience and knowledge with yours — we can provide customized policies to shield you against today’s risks.

Life Sciences

You have invested millions of dollars and thousands of man hours in your next scientific breakthrough — don’t let a loss to your R&D property set your firm back. Let us help you protect all of your investments.


Coverage written to protect your research animals is crucial to ensuring the continuity of your business — let us show you how to properly protect this critical exposure.

Product Milestones

Reaching your research milestones is not an option — neither is properly protecting your firm against missing them. TGA Insurance Brokers can help you protect your firm against obstacles you may hit.

While you continue to make our world’s future brighter, let us work to make yours more secure.

TGA Insurance Brokers delivers decades of life science insurance expertise but is also aware that no one knows your business better than you do. Together, we can generate policies that protect you — and your firm — for the now and later.

Please contact us to discuss your current and future needs.