TGA Insurance Brokers


Manufacturing is evolving at a rapid pace. It is important that your insurance policies keep pace with operations, technology, and innovation.

TGA Insurance Brokers works with our clients to understand the nuance of their manufacturing businesses before issuing insurance policies. This is critical to making sure you, your clients, and your workforce are protected properly. Whether you are manufacturing apparel, household goods, computers, or even batteries — we can help.

Supply Chain Interruption

An interruption in your supply chain can be detrimental to your manufacturing process.  Let us ensure your business continuity with proper risk management techniques to help prevent or mitigate a loss.

CNC Manufacturing Lines

In today’s high-tech manufacturing environment, an automated system can run your entire factory, and downtime to that system can quickly translate to dollars off your bottom line.  Let us adequately protect you from an unforeseen freeze in your manufacturing process.

Custom Equipment

A specialized manufacturing process requires unique custom equipment and replacing that equipment after a loss can take years.  TGA Insurance Brokers will assist you in properly insuring losses that could put your business at a standstill.

We will work with you to help protect against business interruption and unforeseen risks.

TGA Insurance Brokers delivers decades of expertise working with manufacturers, and at the same time, we are aware that no one knows your business better than you do. Together, we can generate policies that protect you — and your businesses — for the today and into the future.

Please contact us to discuss your insurance needs.