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Andrew Gregory began his insurance career as an intern at Thomas Gregory Associates at the age of fifteen. He assisted the agency with complex, large, and middle market property and casualty accounts while learning the workings of the insurance industry. Andrew graduated from The University of Massachusetts Amherst with a degree in Legal Studies in 2010. Upon graduation, Andrew joined Thomas Gregory Associates as an assistant account manager.

Andrew worked as an understudy to his father, Thomas “Tig” Gregory. Under Tig’s mentorship, Andrew learned risk analysis and risk management best practices which gave him the proficiency to serve as an effective and trusted advisor to his clients. Andrew was promoted to producer at Thomas Gregory Associates in 2011. Five years later, in September 2016, Andrew and Tig fulfilled their life-long dream and founded Thomas Gregory Associates (TGA) Insurance Brokers, Inc. together.

Andrew strives to deliver excellent and personalized service to his clients and consistently demonstrates the significance and value of reviewing and revealing a client’s total cost of risk. Andrew advocates for the use of hardened data and key metrics to give clients of TGA Insurance Brokers the confidence to make critical business decisions on their insurance and risk management programs.

Andrew prides himself on being one of few students of the insurance industry in his generation. With over a decade of experience, Andrew is excited to continue his insurance career alongside his father and bring insight and expertise to large, complex risks in the agricultural, food processing, manufacturing, private equity, and life sciences businesses.

Andrew loves the outdoors and is a big believer in seasonally seeking out free-ranged, organic meat and poultry with his German Shorthaired hunting companion, Otter.