TGA Insurance Brokers

Private Equity

The one thing private equity managers can count on is that the markets will ebb and flow. 

And as conditions change, so will the market pressures. TGA Insurance Brokers helps private equity managers manage their exposure and risk across the extremely complex — and intricate — financial landscape.

Directors and Officers Liability

As a director or officer of a private equity-owned firm, the responsibility of decisions — good and bad — ends with you. It is important to make sure your directors and officers liability coverage are adequately written to protect the integrity of your management decisions. 

Risk Management and Projection Data

Precise and accurate data is crucial to making high-level decisions in any risks management program. TGA Insurance Brokers will help drill down into the raw numbers of your insurance costs so you can make educated decisions about your insurance program.

Conglomerate Coverage Programs

Insuring your entire investment portfolio under one master policy can provide consistent coverage terms and conditions across all of your invested companies, as well as allowing you to take advantage of significant economies of scale.

We will work with you to protect your data, investment programs, and against liabilities.

TGA Insurance Brokers understands the complexities and risks that surround private equity firms. We can help you plan for potential risks and influences of the market as well as the impact of decisions made by directors and officers. Let us help you navigate the complex financial landscape.

Please contact us to discuss your current and future needs.