TGA Insurance Brokers


High tech industries are in a constant state of change as they, and their clients — push the limits — of innovation.

Can your risk management program keep pace with these changes?  We can help you. TGA continuously remains at the forefront of the insurance industry to keep our clients’ risk management programs on pace with their developing industries.  

SAAS Professional Liability

Your software is an integral part of your client’s businesses, and any potential issues with your product could translate to large losses in your client’s revenue stream.  TGA writes rock solid errors and omissions coverage to protect you and your clients from financial losses due to malfunctions in your product software.

Cyber Liability

Large data breaches constantly dominate the mainstream news cycle, so it is no wonder that cyber liability is the fastest growing coverage in the insurance industry.  Properly written cyber liability coverage not only protects your business but protects the individuals whose information was compromised.

Contractual Liability

As companies look to aggressively grow, their focus can move more towards the revenue associated with a new contract, and not so much on the liability assumed by it.  TGA specializes in reviewing the contracts of indemnity that you are signing, and how those contracts correspond to your insurance program.

We will work with you to future-proof your technology company.

TGA Insurance Brokers delivers decades of expertise, and our risk management expertise can help you protect your company against both internal and external risks.  Together, we can generate policies that protect you — and your business — for the now and later.

Please contact us to discuss your current and future needs.