TGA Insurance Brokers


Insurance can be a complex area to navigate for transportation companies due to multiple areas of interrelated exposure.

TGA Insurance Brokers has worked with the transportation industry for over two decades. Our expertise spans trucking liability, general liability, and motor truck cargo policy coverage. We put our experience to work to reduce your total cost of risk while assuring your premiums remain competitive. We can also work with the pertinent authorities to ensure filings and certificates remain current — because we know every mile matters.

Coverage Forms

Not all coverage forms are created equal, and small omissions typical of standard insurance coverage forms can translate into unexpected uncovered claims.  Let TGA Insurance Brokers help you prevent this risks.


The responsibility of other people’s goods in your care, custody, and control creates significant liabilities, not all of which are contemplated in standard industry forms.  Allow us to provide comprehensive coverage to avoid theses pitfalls.

Claims Management

Claims in the transportation industry can escalate very quickly, but proper claims handling can make all the difference. TGA Insurance Brokers will help control your costs and protect your loss ratio.

We know every mile matters in the transportation industry.

TGA Insurance Brokers knows that when moving other people's cargo, problems can arise from anywhere — at any time. We can help you protect your transportation business and fleet against surprises that the highway can bring. Contact us to discuss how to develop a policy to best protect your business.